German language course for English

"Learn German (in English) is much faster than traditional learning methods"


Multimedia German language course (in English) of Sprachenlernen24 - for beginners or to refresh your language skills! 
The unique long-term memory learning method, you will easily learn within a short time in English German and can converse fluently in German. 
Learn what you really need in Germany - straightforward and easy to understand.
This German for English language course offers you: 
  • Learn basic vocabulary German (in English) 
  • Multimedia PC CD-ROMs 
  • For beginners, returners and advanced 
  • With numerous interactive learning methods to learn German to English 
  • Latest version - completely revised in 2014
  • More than 360,000 sold Language Courses 
  • For Windows / Linux / Mac OS X
Deutsch lernen für Engländer
    German for the English-language course now!
(Available as a download edition or on CD-ROMs)


The German for the English-based language course offers you:

Unique Sprachenlernen24-long-term memory learning method: 
  • Learn (English based) without forgetting at breathtaking speed German, again! 
  • A comprehensive vocabulary with over 1300 German words that you learn based on English. 
  • A multimedia learning fun with a variety of learning and testing methods. 
  • Pressure versions for index cards with vocabulary. 
  • Imagine your learning materials individually. 
  • For Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. 
  • Including mobile version for your Pocket PC or Smartphone. 
  • Optional vocabulary and vocabulary trainer for your MP3 player for flexible learning on the go.

Learn German (based on English): basic vocabulary of the German-based language course


Deutsch lernen für Engländer
This vocabulary trainer provides a thematically arranged basic vocabulary. You can visit the main 1300 German-learning vocabulary (based on English) with the base price ie. 
Many learning methods allow you to advanced and effective way to acquire a modern German-basic vocabulary with which you find yourself in everyday situations. 
You can read the vocabulary in German and in English on the screen, listen to a mouse click or print on index cards and learn to travel around.
There are several innovative learning methods available so you can keep all the words in long-term memory quickly and effectively:
  • Learn with the Sprachenlernen24-long-term memory learning method!
    This learning method is based on the latest findings in learning research. Thoroughly you can not learn! 
    You must enter five days a word correctly until this is stored in your long term memory. With the ultra-long-term memory learning method also the perfect pause between repetitions is calculated. 
    Learn all the vocabulary of the language course via text input, multiple choice or flash repetition with the Sprachenlernen24-long-term memory learning method!
  • Learn German (in English) with the vocabulary list : Next to each word there is a small speaker button. With one click you hear the desired vocabulary . You also have the possibility to cover vocabulary interactively , in order to monitor your progress better.
    After seven vocabulary you can learn even more intense with a short repetition .
    Test your knowledge through numerous tests conducted by extensive rich statistics are rounded about your success !
  • Foreplay Mode: Show the vocabulary audition while you relaxed sit and read along in front of your computer.
  • Learn by audition mode , text entry or multiple choice
  • Flash Loop: Here are the vocabulary will be played individually and you can decide in each case whether you already knew this or not. The unknowns you can effectively acquire later with other learning methods.
  • Scientific studies have shown that after five repetitions of this test, all words are stored in your long term memory.
  • German (in English) to learn the vocabulary test : A popular method of learning is to learn with the help of a test. Enter here the translation of the word . If you are correct , the next word comes off . The wrong words appear again after a round in the test and have to be entered as long as , until all were typed in twice correctly .
  • Print version : Print out a tabular list of words that you can learn without a computer.
  • Learn even without your computer! Print out this index cards or a tabular list ! This you can take back and learn anywhere, anyplace .
  • On the computer , you can go through your vocabulary through and choose whether the translation is to appear with or whether you want this only guess . Of course, the order can be mixed.
  • Learn better with flashcards ? Then you have several options:
Over 1300 German vocabulary recorded by native German speakers. You can listen to every single word as often individually and repeat. 
To automatically learn a clear and accent-free pronunciation and proper emphasis!
Highly recommended if you:
  • Want to learn German to English sound new or already learned new solidify
  • looking for a clean interface with easy to understand menus
  • Wish to decide your path of learning 
  • quickly want to learn the new language 
  • Want to look up vocabulary 
  • want both the computer and quickly between times without a computer to learn German (in English) 


Multimedia learning pleasure


Deutsch lernen
This German for English language course offers you numerous ways to expand your vocabulary. 
You can read, for example, the words on the screen, listen to a mouse click, enter from the keyboard, select by mouse click in the multiple choice method, or print out a list or on index cards. 
In addition, you can learn all the exercises with the innovative long-term memory learning program. Here, you will be automatically presented only the words that do not yet exist in your long term memory.


Learning and testing methods of German for English language courses


You have numerous testing options available to enhance your knowledge systematically. For each type of learning the correct method of learning is. The following test options are available: 
Learn German for EngländerSprachenlernen24-long-term memory method: 
With this unique learning method, you will learn all the vocabulary systematically, without ever forgetting again! 
Select your desired number of German vocabulary words for a session and test your vocabulary knowledge with the computer. 
All words that you have known five times in a row will no longer be queried, as they are now in your long term memory. Nevertheless, the number of the queried vocabulary remains the same as always move up new vocabulary.
Sprachenlernen24 ultra-long-term memory method: 
In this method, the words are also requested five times in a row, but doubled the pause between queries. At the beginning of the learning cycle, a vocabulary is queried after one day again, since you have only learned fresh. 
The pause before the fifth repetition is already eight days. Because the longer the break is located between the repetitions, the better you will remember the vocabulary permanently.
Long-term and ultra-long-time learning method are available as text entry, as well as multiple choice flash repetition available.
Read or listen to the words. Tap the keyboard with the correct translation, and work out the way your spelling.

Multiple Choice: 
Read or listen to the words and select the multiple choice method, the correct solution.
Flash Loop:
Let View the words on the screen and think about each correct solution. You have the option to change the language within the display between English and German.
you can easily read the words on the screen or print it out and learn to travel around.
Let the words present themselves on the screen. You can read, listen to, and print. 
Set how much time elapses before the next word appears on the screen.
Übungen im Deutsch für Engländer-Sprachkurs
Dictionary & Search: 
Enter a word in the search box and let it be translated. 
Read or listen to the words. Do individual words either in English or in German Show and think about the solution. 
Individually learn: 
Read or listen to the words or print them out yourself. In this test, you can also change the display language - either English or German - select. 
you can print parts of the vocabulary on index cards to flexibly learn on the go. A user-print version available. 
Writing Test:
Listen to the words and test your knowledge and your spelling, by typing the correct solution.

Contain more version for your Pocket PC


You also get a mobile final version of the course. 
Just copy it to your Pocket PC (Windows Mobile 5.0) and you will be even more mobile: 
Now you can learn anytime & (in English) German everywhere!
The Pocket PC version can be found all vocabulary of the language course - for reading, listening, learning and translating. 
We have now implemented the most popular and most used methods of learning German for English learning software for your Pocket PC:
  • With the QuickShow you can repeat what they have learned and train the translation. 
  • decide whether you want to translate from German to English or from English into German.
  • With the "flash repetition" you can set the output language itself: 
  • Exercise "test!" You can even practice writing and enter the correct translation. 
System of extra Pocket PC Version: 
The additional Pocket PC version of the software can be used with any Pocket PC with Windows Mobile from version 5.0. The software works as a screen width of 240 pixels.


Comprehensive introduction for an effective and fast learning German


You'll also get in your German for English language course with a comprehensive introduction on how to learn languages ​​the fastest and most effective:
  • How to learn a new language? 
  • My training plan for printing
  • So come with your new language the fastest in touch 
  • How do you enlarge your vocabulary with a dictionary sense 
  • Find your perfect working method! 
  • Power Tips for faster learning 
  • These learning methods are best suited for you! 
  • To help your memory on the jumps! 
  • How do you determine what type of learner you are 
  • Grammar properly learn the language course CD-ROM 
  • Revision techniques: prevention of forgetting 
  • How do I learn best vocabulary? 



Been read vocabulary


All words were recorded by native German speakers. Each of the 1,300 words can be individually heard and repeated as often as desired. 
In the learning and testing opportunities, the vocabulary is also playing automatically when you select this function. 
To learn a clear and accent-free pronunciation and proper emphasis!





The software works under Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP), unterMac OS X and Linux. 
Order the German for the English-language course comfortable with the below Online-form!  




Frequently Asked Questions



Language course ... for software


  • Which computers does the CD-ROM? 
    The CD-ROM works on Windows (8, 7, Vista, XP). Using Mac OS X and Linux 
    System requirements: 
    • At least 512 MB RAM, 400 MHz 
    • Optional: sound card and speakers for voice output 
    Do I need any prior knowledge or do I have to install something? 
    No, you just need to insert the CD-ROM and can start immediately. 
    What benefits do I get when I take on CD purchases the software via download? 
    You have the software on your computer because you do not have to wait for the mail approximately one days faster. 
    In addition, you save the shipping costs. 
    Which Internet connection should I have if I want to purchase the software instead of on CD via download? 
    Our CDs are approximately between 50 and 300 MB. Therefore, you should have this high-speed Internet access. 
    If you dial in via a modem or ISDN to the Internet, we recommend the software to order on CD (s).


To ... German for English Language Course


  • I am a total beginner. Is the course something for me? 
    Yes, even without any prior knowledge you will quickly introduced into the German language. The course adapts automatically to your individual learning speed. 
    The menu and the instructions are written in German language. Learners who still have no knowledge of German, but can be translated with a dictionary within a few minutes, the menu items - the software is also built so intuitive that knowledge of German to understand the course structure are hardly necessary.
  • What progress will I do with the language course? 
    If you learn on a regular basis, you will very quickly realize progress. Put your best every day a certain time fixed, such as 20 minutes. This is significantly better than e.g. only 1x per week 2-3 hours.
  • How do I improve my pronunciation? 
    You can often listen to every word anywhere on the computer and repeat this. So that you will learn a clear pronunciation in no time.



Product Reviews


Product Reviews 
To ... the learning of the language courses

"With your course I am very happy and it gives me much pleasure to learn that. I like the clear nature of the construction and the many opportunities that exist to make learning easy and varied. Real's great that you can hear the speech will say as often as you like. too, the possibility of the vocabulary is to be printed on index cards just fine. Anyway, I would like the experts who have worked out the course, a big thank you to say! so that makes learning new languages ​​fun! "(Heidrun Bender)
•"It's my first tutorial for the computer - I am fascinated by the possibilities opened up especially of long-term memory training as well as the very helpful for me write tests." (Thomas Zander)
• "The various learning opportunities are great! They offer something for everyone learning types. Especially the possibility Study Cards was printing new to me and is awesome! There is also quite easy to print, so that the front and back good care of each other! Facilitate the real-life situations learning, because records from the everyday motivate to learn a language. learning is at any time varied, because I have so many different opportunities you to teach me the language. "(Stefanie Mischler)
• " The product provides me complete satisfaction . Shipment by you was swiftly and completely ( even abroad ). Especially liked me the quality of the exercises. I've been through the purchase of the CD the opportunity to design my own pace individually and took a course offered in the country not here to visit. Instead, I am learning from the comfort of your home. One can your company with a clear conscience ! " ( Renate Bartels )
• "The vocabulary - learning is very well structured and fun , the pronunciation can thus learn great It 's much more fun than working with a book ! ( Because you bumble through the exercises can not behupsen itself : o) ) The long-term memory method is absolutely great , ranging from basically the only test method. " (Sarah Franke )
• " The Vocabulary Builder is lonely class ! So learning is really fun ! There is great that you have to repeat the words several times until you have it typed correctly . Super I also think that you will be queried in both languages. Time such times as you want it straight. way you memorize the words guaranteed! the lyrics are very beautiful chosen simply true to life , understandable to anyone sensible and very useful for the general use . I also find really great that you can listen to the lyrics , line by line , or the vocabulary individually so often can listen as you want . the program is easy to use. single CD in and you're set . lovely! " ( Melanie Döring)


Product Reviews 
... The structure and content of the courses

"I appreciate the system under construction, the clarity to click on the title , to the possibility of the desired print and proofing tools . Proven advantageous in a wider acoustical assistance through the auditions of words and the format of the course as a disc ! Corresponds to the product my expectations ! "
• "I 'm really pleased with the CD. Helps me tremendously in learning. , As a special help , I feel the CD while learning the vocabulary and pronunciation. I almost think that I would have given up learning this language when me there offer the CD would not have fallen into their hands. I like very much that the lessons are short and clear . too, the cards for printing are great, because you can always go take a couple of cards and learn. " ( Cordula Krein Ecker )
• " The lessons are very versatile , it is very good that man can print everything just to practice very important. As we prepare for our departure , we were able to prepare well with these lessons. I can only recommend . " ( Ute Schubert)
• " The design is clearly structured and easy to understand everything presented . Especially like the audio pronunciations . The vocabulary tests are also very valuable, because you can not cheat yourself . It is repeated until it is seated . " ( Uta Blanke )
• " In your course , the short , not too difficult lessons are very motivating. Inspire me to persevere , because they are really good to manage the self- learning principle . Very good , I find the various test options . It is very pleasant , with any exercise always again to have the opportunity to hear the word or sentence again so the pronunciation impressed a lot better. " ( Claudia Penzel )


Product Reviews 
On general topics ...

• "I am very satisfied with the course . He is easy to handle and provides information for areas that you need abroad. Especially working with the vocabulary I successfully appears. Seems to me your way of dealing with language also good for the future age to be eligible , as the pace of work is completely to determine for themselves and the learning spaces after applied didactics and methodology of the mind - just in old age - . adapted properly settlement with payment and shipment , I found no problem and quickly I am with your . offer thoroughly satisfied. " ( Frauke Martens )
• "I have ordered the language course as a birthday gift for my nephew and he's very happy with it . My nephew is 11 years old and of course is a great support and complement the classroom. " ( Edith Nussbaumer )
• " Well, I think that the program starts from the CD and the computer is not affected by entries in the registry or installation routines to handle the software . I am Intermediate and fresh my knowledge like on why I prefer the selection method . because the typing of the solutions would stop me for too long. " ( Klaus Mann)


Product Reviews 
For value for money ...

• "Want hereby acknowledge that I am very satisfied with the course CD. The power ratio quality / price is absolutely justified. The CD is easy to use, with the visual and the acoustic great attention is paid. Learning hereby is simply made and one can quickly achieve significant progress. Novice highly recommended. "(Oswald Upper Lechner) 
• "Price / performance is excellent. Other courses that could be compared are much more expensive!" (H.-J. room) 
• "the value for money is brilliant class!" (Melanie Meier) 
• "I am very pleased with the product. The price / performance ratio I think is excellent." (Barbara Marini)



If you order the course here on this page, you will also receive the following bonus: 
3 years of free updates to your German for English Language Course 
For 3 years Premium Customer Service: 
To ensure that your questions will be answered very quickly






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